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    XL710 VLAN tag stripping in a VF.


      I have an XL710 VSI that is running in a VF. I have added a vlan filter for a tag of '2' to my vsi using the I40E_VIRTCHNL_OP_ADD_VLAN message. The vsi is the default one created by the PF driver when the VF is created. When an appropriately tagged frame is sent to the VF (eg a ping with vlan tag '2'), the receive descriptor shows the tag correctly in the L2TAG1 field and the L2TAG1P bit is set. I want the vlan tag to be stripped from the frame. However it is not. A dump of the vsi shows the port_vlan_flags field (which was created from the ADD_VSI command) to contain 0x3. This would seem to equate to byte 12, bits 0:4 of the VLAN handling section of ADD_VSI command (see Table 7-80 of the Datasheet). 0x3 indicates

      0:1 = 3 - allow all packets

      3:4 = 0 - show VLAN, DEI and UP in descriptor


      Is there something more I need to do to achieve stripping on the tag?