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    i5-3570K Video_TDR_Failure


      I've had my i5-3570K for about 3 years.  Never had an issue running under Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, and never overclocked.  A couple of days all of a sudden Windows shows that there is a Vodeo_TDR_Failure.  The graphics driver keeps crashing every 5 seconds or so under Windows 10.  I've reinstalled the graphics driver and it hasn't fixed the issue.  I have also tried booting with hard drivers from my 2 other computers, one running Windows 7 and another running Windows 10 and both have the same issue.  They boot fine on my other computers.  Windows is not showing properly, with black dots and streaks on the screen.  My BIOS firmware is up to date (motherboard is ASRock Z77E-ITX) and BIOS has been reset to all default settings.  Any ideas?  It seems to me that the CPU's integrated graphics has failed.

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          I tried using 4 different hard drives to boot -- some of Windows 7 and some are Windows 10.  Furthermore, some are clean installs and some are old.  Basically, the only thing that works is Windows safe mode during my initial diagnosis.  Even booting Windows at low resolution will cause a crash with the Video_TDR_Failure error.  I've been playing around the past couple of days and finally got it to work by disabling the Intel 4000 Graphics Driver in Windows.  I've been running Windows 10 the past 2 weeks without issue until all of a sudden last Friday when this popped up (no hardware or software changes).  Even booting with Windows 7 gives the same error.  I've also tried rolling back the graphics driver but the issue is still there.  So now I am stuck running the PC by disabling the graphics driver, which is not ideal.


          I've run the Intel diagnostic tool on both Fedora OS and Windows 10 and it says the CPU is fine.  However, I'm just confused as to why the graphics driver is causing issue when it has been fine on Windows 7 and 10 for many years, and even the past 2 weeks on Windows 10 when the graphics driver was never updated automatically or manually. I just want to make sure this isn't a physical problem with the integrated graphics on the CPU, so any thoughts or opinions are welcomed!  Thanks.

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            I just also attempted to update the graphics driver using the Intel Driver Update utility.  As mentioned the Intel 4000 Graphics Driver in my Windows 10 has been disabled in order to make the system work.  After installing the graphics driver through the utility, not only does the driver crash every 5 seconds, it shows a error message:


            Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

            Runtime Error!


            - pure virtuial function call


            And then finally a Video_TDR_Failure error.  Any ideas?

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              I believe the next step involves swapping hardware (processor or motherboard) in order to find the culprit.