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    Need Windows 7 driver for Intel Audio Chip ADI1981HD

      The chipset is listed as "AC - 97 Audio, ADI1981HD via ESB2 / high definition" in the Xref. The complete document is available at the link below. From what I can find on the Intel support site, you are correct and it does not appear that there is a driver for this chip set. Maybe you will have better luck than I had.

      Xref - Page 95 contains the 9228

      Intel site:


      This audio chipset is used in a lot of Boards.  I know it's in HP, IBM, and Dell ( http://en.community.dell.com/forums/p/19268952/19601455.aspx#19601455 )


      boards.  I bet it's in a number of Intel branded boards as well.   I also goes by the name SoundMax HD.


      Very frustrating issue.