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    Ok, then BSOD. Anything to try before RMA?


      Installed Win-7600-74-bit and it worked fine ... for about 16 hours. Then it stalled and a BSOD happened (blue screen of death).


      Since then, I've switched back to another partition on another drive to see if it comes back to health. I've gotten about a dozen reports from Windows about imminent disk failure, backup immediately.



      Windows detected a hard disk problem. Backup your files immediately to prevent information loss.

      INTEL SSDSA2M160G2GC ATA Device



      This was with the older firmware: 02G9. I updated to FW 02HD, but I'm still getting disk error messages.


      NewEgg has ok'ed an RMA with them paying shipping, but I thought I'd check for suggestions before shipping back for replacement.


      Motherboard: Abit IP35-Pro. 8gb DRAM. Pair of WD300gb 10k Velociraptors and 1.5TB WD green drive. MSI 8600 SilentPipe video card.


      No SMART errors reported. CrytalDiskInfo reports no errors.