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    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disappeared, can't upload firmware


      Today after rebooting my Edison, I can't access the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces anymore, and my attempts to reinstall the firmware also fail. Earlier today I have tried to make an external Bluetooth dongle work on my Edison over the OTG port using a custom-compiled btusb kernel module. Possibly something broke during that attempt, hopefully only software-wise.



      • ifconfig doesn't show wlan0 or usb0, while it previously did.
      • After `rfkill unblock bluetooth`, hciconfig doesn't show any devices, while it previously did.
      • When connecting to my PC using the SparkFun guide, no filesystem comes up and the Intel installer also doesn't recognize the board. I have tried both OS X El Capitan and Windows 10. I'm not sure whether it worked previously on these versions, maybe it is also an issue with the OS versions being too new.


      How can I get my Edison board back to factory settings, or proceed in finding out what's wrong?