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    DQ45EK mobo (82801JDO chipset) RAID 5 issue


      I'm using a DQ45EK motherboard with an intel dual-core E5200 (LGA775) processor. My issue is that when I go into the RAID menu to create the array I want (RAID5 array- 4 drives, 3 in the array, one as a hot spare). If I set up the array with 3 drives, it leaves the 4th out, not asking what to do with it, but it's bootable. If I use all 4 drives, the same thing happens, but it's not bootable.


      My question is, how do I set up this 3 drive array to be bootable with the 4th disk being a hot spare?


      Apologies if this is a silly question; I'm a bit unfamiliar with RAID5.