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      Hey all,


      I have just installed and run Crystaldiskinfo and it shows the health of my G2 as only 99% even after I ran the optimizer.....

      why is this? and what can I do to get it back to 100%?





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          That is odd as all 3 of my Intel SSD G2 drives show 100% with Crystal Disk Info. I don't have a clue for what you can do to get 100%. Why don't you post the SMART data from Crystal Disk Info either via picture or details? I could then compare with what I have and we can see where there is a significant difference.

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            Hey Ambi


            As suggested, here's the results......





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              It looks to me like your Re-allocated sector count being 1 is the reason why you get 99% instead of 100%. I don't know what you can do about that, but you can contact Intel support and ask them. Being 99% instead of 100% does not appear to be a significant issue, however, the question remains why you have Re-allocated sector count at 1.

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                Hmmmmmm should my Re-allocated sector count show as 100? (it does in crystaldiskinfo)????

                This is starting to bother me a little now, would running HDDERASE and re-imaging my drive fix the issue do you think?



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                  Hi Walshy, ambizytl,


                  Here is smart data of my G1 drive

                  Sem título.png


                  It was installed on the 15/08, and since then it is working (hard) at least 10 hours a day.


                  Until now there is little information about real SSD durability (most is manufacturer info), but i did some very crude calculations based in the above smart data:

                  the "Media Wearout Indicator" has decreased 2 units since that date, so until it goes to "0", i have aprox. 15 years left!!


                  The above estimative was based on what the Toolbox user guide says:

                  "Once the normalized value reaches 1, the number will not decrease, although it is likely that significant additional wear can be put on the device. Use the Normalized value for ths attribute".


                  This drive has endured much experimentation, BSOD's, OS installations, HDDerase's and similar things.


                  Also, i observed that the "bad sectors" increased from 0 to 7 after "enhanced Hdderase", "full format" and some BSOD.


                  Despite this rough treatment the drive is 99% good, whatever this means:



                  Also, i dont know why the "unsafe shutdown count" is so high if my computer does not have the cold bug and everything runs ok.


                  That has been my experience with ssd durability so far, so i would not be worried with the 99% your drive has.


                  I'd like to know your experience about this subject.



                  PS: i believe that re-allocated sector count and media wearout indicator are not resetable by any simple method, they are the drive signature.

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                    Don't let it bug you that much, 99% is still good. I don't think there is anything you can do about it.

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                      Hey Valdir,


                      Thanks very much for the input   yeah I guess it doesn't appear to be too much of an issue, the drive is still performing amazing (like new) and hitting 240 - 250mb/s, but at the same time, 99% after just having it 2 weeks or so isnt great either....I'll give intel a call and ask for some suggestions, I may even return the drive if there is no fix for this slight anomaly.


                      Cheers again