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    DG43GT Hanging on starting up Windows 7 64 bit


      Hi, can somebody please help me.

      I have recently built a PC with a DG43GT M/B, an Intel QuadCore 2.66mhz processor, 4GB memory, 9800GT Ge-force with 1GB memory and HDMI output, 1 xSATA 1TB, 1 x SATA 500GB, Blue Ray disk, DVD writer, connected via an HDMI cable to my Panasonic Plasma screen and sound connected to my Sony amplifier via a optical cable running Windows 7Pro 64 bit.

      Everything installs fine, and system boots up, first time, normally. Very stable, as long as it's not turned off it runs forever perfectly.

      Once you turn it off and re-start it, it loads up to the point where the Windows logo comes up and then the disk lights go off and it hangs.

      If you push reset it starts up then turns itself off and re-starts, then turns itself off again and re-starts the it offers you to recover or come up normally. Either way it gets to the Windows Logo and hangs.

      If you start up using the installation disk and instead of installing say recover it sometimes comes up. Once up it is stable???

      I have wiped the disk clean and reloaded the software but the same thing happens. Is there somewhere that records what the system is hanging on, I think it might be the VGA card and the fact that the system sees the Panasonic TV as a generic PnP monitor???

      Can anybody please help me as I have no idea where to go next.

      Regards Mike Bussey

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          are you using 7 beta or rc or final?

          what is it's build?

          have you complained to microsoft?

          It seems to be software problem

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            I would take everything back to basics, so get rid of everything that is not essential, and then test to see if the issue still occurs. If the issue dosen't occur then start adding all the extras one by one testing in between untill you hit the component thats causing the issue. If teh issue still occurs then have a look in the windows event log to see if it gives you any hints.

            IF it gives you some specific let us know, if not I would then do a fresh install of a different OS if possible, even better if it is a 32 bit OS. Then see if it happens then let us know how you get on. Also when you reinstalled the OS in what order did you install the drivers?