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    [IRST] Replacing a disk


      I am running Raid-1 using two Samsung 1Tb disks (Intel Rapid Storage Technology on ICH10R, Windows 7 32-bit).


      Now I want to simply replace my disks with Seagate Barracuda of the same size as these have TLER support and my research suggests they are better suited to a Raid environment.


      I propose the following procedure:


      1) Backup all data offline

      2) Power down

      3) Remove the sata cable from sata port for one of the existing disks, and insert sata cable for the replacement disk to same port

      4) Boot up

      5) After logging on to Windows, open IRST User Interface from tray, and presumably the new disk will show some kind of error - click on 'Return to Normal' to build the new disk

      6) Repeat steps 2-5 for 2nd disk


      Now could someone more knowledgeable than me please confirm if this looks like the correct procedure.


      Many thanks,



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          Anyone able to comment on this?

          If not, I guess I will just try it out, and report back on the result.

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            easier to plug the two new drives into same RAID controller, make them a mirrored set and image the partition over using acronis or similar disk image app. Plus the small advantage of the image being written to the outer most fastest tracks.

            ...or disk image (acronis, etc. again) the drive across a network to another array/drive, then restore it back using the acronis bootable media. I do this often via gigabit LAN and acronis bootable media.

            Getting the controller to write to dissimilar drives in an array may not be ideal, but might work with some controllers (assuming same partition size and similar performance mirroring can be more forgiving than RAID 0 or 5 with dissimilar drives and depends on controller used).. Let us know if it does work reliably and what hardware you used.


            Stick with matrix 8.8 , avoid 8.9 for now...that's the thread I popped over from to share my 2 cents worth.

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              Hey, I appreciate the comments, but way to complicated for me.


              I'm gonna create a new volume with the new Seagate disks, just copy-paste data across, then delete the old volume to decommision my original disks.