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    NUC5i7RYH doesn't recognize Seiki SE39UY04 4K TV using HDMI


      I'm trying to setup a NUC5i7RYH to use a Seiki SE39UY04 4K TV as a monitor. The TV is connected to the NUC using HDMI. When I power-on/reset the NUC, no BIOS screen is displayed. The Seiki reports "No Signal"


      I successfully installed Windows 10 on the NUC using a 1080p monitor and HDMI. After installation I connected the Seiki TV. Windows recognizes the TV and displays in 3840x2160 resolution. When I reboot the system no BIOS screen or initial windows screens are displayed. The Seiki reports "No Signal".  But once Windows reached the point in the system start-up that it displays the logon screen the screen will appear on the Seiki TV and I can use the system.


      I have no problems using the Seiki TV on other Windows and Mac systems. The NUC has BIOS 350 installed from the factory. Any suggestions?