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    NUC5i5RYH Restarts after a shutdown


      Joined the community  in hope someone can help me.


      I bought a NUC5i5RYH and have installed Openelec and Windows 10, which automatically starts within 2 seconds of a shutdown from both Openelec (Kodi) or Windows 10, this is running with Hyper X 8gb DDR3L 1600 SODIMM memory and 320gb 2.5" Toshiba HDD. I have updated the bios to the current 0350 bios from the Intel website and have also switched off WOL or any wake setting in the bios to no avail. I don't see any settings for Deep S4/S5, the settings i have are Wake on LAN from S4/S5, Wake from S5, Wake S3 via CIR, Wake from S4 or S5 via CIR.


      Obviously this is a problem many share and is there a solution out there, as i can't find one that works for me. is Intel doing anything about this?

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          I am not from Intel, but maybe also check for disabling any WOL settings (for both wired and wireless) within the OS (drivers, such as Properties-Power Management) - not just in the BIOS.  I do not recall encountering such problem on my NUC5i5RYH and Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8.1).

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            Thank you for your input, i will definitely try that, i'am skeptical that is the issue though, but i will try anything at this stage.


            Do you think it has something to do with the memory? it is a Kingston Hyper X 8gb, but is not on the list of compatible components, it could be that they did not get around to testing the NUC with this memory, rather than it not being compatible, as theres a lot of choice and it would be difficult to test all. (I'm hoping that was the reason :-)


            What memory are you using and are you also running OpenElec, could you please give me run down of all the items that your using in your NUC?



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              I've never used OpenElec.  I have two 4GB SO-DIMMs which are Kingston 1866, I'm 99% certain they are HX318LS10IBK2/8.  My disk is 256GB SM951.  It presumably should not make a difference but often when I upgrade BIOS I select the option to reset to defaults and then change the few things I care about (Intel's Visual BIOS makes this easy by flagging changes with something like an asterisk).  Although I am familiar with the general idea of your problem and I think that my workaround for it involved some device driver settings such as WOL, I'm fairly certain it was for some older PC not this latest NUC.  Sorry that I can't recall the particular details - my memory is mixed up with a problem I had where NUC would start up unexpectedly from infrared remote in same room due to some unexpected button (like Pause) and/or some unexpected remote (like TV).  For a long time I had to workaround such problem by thick cardboard/tape over the front IR sensor window but eventually Intel added a setting in the BIOS where I could disable CIR power-on.

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                I would recommend you checking the memory you are using is low voltage. Try just one memory stick at the time and as dougho said, turn off all WOL settings at the bios.


                Kevin M

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                  Thanks Dougho and Kevin, i have tried everything but changing the memory & HDD, it is a Kingston HyperX 8gb 1600 1.35v.

                  I will finally try the memory and a new SSD to just rule those out, if it still restarts after a shutdown after doing that, i think it is then a faulty NUC

                  and possibly has issues with power etc, which will mean i will send it back to the retailer for exchange or refund as i can not find for the life of what the issue is, look all over the net and forums and even Intel seem unable to help, so it leaves it down to the hardware, either the Memory/HDD or the NUC.


                  Thanks once again for your input.

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                    Also wanted to know, is it usual for the NUC to power on as soon as you attach the power lead to it, even without touching the power button? as that's what mine does every time, even holding the power button for a 4 second shutdown turns it off and then restarts it within 2 seconds.

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                      None of my NUCs automatically start.  However, there is a setting in the BIOS which you can change, "After Power Failure" the default is Stay Off.  I don't think it should affect power button like you describe, but it would probably apply to the power lead situation you describe if it was changed from the default to Power On (Last State is a little more tricky - it should mean either on or off depending on what it was when power was lost, but I suppose if you are having trouble with OS power states then it could be hard to know what it would do when power lead was reapplied).

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                        mine had some of this behavior too when I enabled Wake on Lan, once I disabled wake on lan (or wake on wireless lan), it always behaved correctly.

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                          nilan01, you need to set on BIOS under power options / after power failure / stay off. This should prevent the behavior.

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                            Thanks Matt_cap & ricardog, i have tried switching them off in power options one by one and all off as well tried almost everything, mentioned it where i bought it and they also said they have seen thyis before as well. I think there is issue with the power button or power supply or even both. I have RMA it and will wait on a replacement.

                            Thanks for everyones input, much appreciated.

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                              You are welcome.

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                                A few days ago I bought two NUCs 5i7RYH (firmware 0350 atm) and they work in very similar way...

                                both reboots occasionally after shutdown. (occasionally= 10 good shutdowns in row, some other time it's 10 reboots after shutdown, some other time it's shutdown+reboot+boot loop)

                                Sometimes after such reboot NUC can jump info "boot loop". It shows NUC logo screen, then it reboots again, and again.., then I got some info like “it can not boot and probably I made some weird changed to BIOS” but it's not true, the loop boot can occur on bios defaults as well. In such case only disconnecting power supply helps, after connecting power back, NUC boots in normal way.

                                Two NUCs with two different hardware inside, one with Crucial RAM and Samsung EVO SSD, other one with Kingstone RAM and Samsung 951 M.2 SSD (both with low voltage RAM). (mostly I'm on Debian 8.2 stable, but it was the same on Win8.1 and Win10 that I installed for test purposes)

                                I was trying to use different settings (including mentioned above) and it's not helping. I think I'll try to downgrade to some other version of BIOS...

                                As workaround (for now) I'm using PDU with power switch and after shutdown I'm powering off NUC, monitor and other hardware… so it's not so wonderful solution

                                The reboots after shutdown, shows up, many more times on NUC with M.2 drive on board.

                                I like the NUC, it works great (after proper boot), but the firmware need a bit more work out…





                                downgraded to RY0246.BIO, so far is OK, w/o any extra restarts after shutdown...

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                                  UPDATE: Solved

                                  Just thought i would update on the current situation on this, i sent the NUC back to the seller (ebay) who also paid for the return postage, so that was great. I received a newly sealed one from them and with my existing memory and 2.5" HDD i connected it up again and then shut it down without it restarting, so it was a success.


                                  Looking at this issue that many people are having, it seems to me that may be there might be a production batch that has this issues, i would suggest to DN.DN to see if you can get another 2 by sending back. I know that it does seem strange that both have this issue, but maybe it's worth a try, as it has all worked out for me.


                                  Now i have to look into connecting it up with my 5.1 surround sound setup, tv has optical out, but it is only 2 channel, does anyone know of a good solution? tried a Cheap Chinese USB sound card with a optical out but it is not working well, so will return it, anyone know if the Turtle Beach Micro 2 will work for this under Openelec and Windows 10?


                                  Once again, thanks to all for your input, greatly appreciated.

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                                    Thank you for advice.

                                    but I think it's bios related issue.


                                    it happens on RY0350.BIO (on both NUCs)

                                    for a few days was OK on RY0246.BIO (on both NUCs),

                                    today I move on to RY0249.BIO, so far is OK... on both units.


                                    maybe next week I'll try the 348... but I'm slightly afraid the versions startting from 3xx



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