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    New Board Support Package BSP 1.2 on Galileo Gen1


      Hello everybody,

      I saw this document: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23197/Intel-Quark-BSP

      There is a new BSP version 1.2 On the Build guide it says



      1. This software release supports the following software and hardware:
        • Board Support Package Sources for Intel® QuarkTM SoC X1000 v1.2.0
        • Intel® Galileo Customer Reference Board (CRB) (Fab D with blue PCB)
        • Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Customer Reference Board (CRB)
        • Intel® QuarkTM SoC X1000 Industrial/Energy Reference Design (Cross Hill)
        • Intel® QuarkTM SoC X1000 Transportation Reference Design (Clanton Hill)

      There is Galileo Gen2, but does that release also works on Galielo Gen1?