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    Windows 8.1 think i have second monitor already which is intel graphic built in display, this cause me unable to search for new monitor such as LG Smart TV, how do i remove my pc from thinking intel built in graphic is a monitor ?


      I tried searching the net about similar problem but i had little to no luck. it might be me lacking the correct keyword or something like it.

      my Intel graphic is HD4000


      As you all expert know w8.1 have this option on the right bar



      and this option afterward https://i.imgur.com/i3L7bQg.jpghttp://imgur.com/i3L7bQg[2]

      from there if expect a search if i press project but it doesn't happen ! (this cause me unable to add any new monitor via wifi to my device)

      after struggling to find the cause, i found out i have https://i.imgur.com/LHS0Irc.jpghttp://imgur.com/LHS0Irc[3] these problem, it seems windows think i'm connected to some monitor while in reality it just connect to my own graphic driver (no option to remove either).

      is there somebody that can help me so windows won't think intel built in display is somehow already connected ? if possible i want to remove it altogether