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    Building 64-bit yocto image


      I'm trying to build a 64-bit Intel Edison kernel & rootfs.

      I've downloaded Edison sources, and I was able to bitbake and flash the standard image, so Yocto setup looks fine.

      Now I've enabled 64-bit kernel by running

      bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig


      then I did overwrite the defconfig file as stated in the Intel Edison Board Support Package user guide, but now bitbake fails throwing these errors:

      /test/edison/yocto/edison-src/out/linux64/build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux/linux-yocto/3.10.17-r0/linux/scripts/mod/empty.c:1:0: error: code model 'kernel' not supported in the 32 bit mode

      /test/edison/yocto/edison-src/out/linux64/build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux/linux-yocto/3.10.17-r0/linux/scripts/mod/empty.c:1:0: sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in


      Any advice on how to solve this?