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    Intel 4000 on Ubuntu vs Windows 10 Benchmark Results


      HP Touchsmart 15

      i3-3130M 2.60GHz x 4

      5GB (4+1) RAM at 667-800mhz

      SAMSUNG SATA 750GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache


      Half-Life 2 Lost Coast, Video Stress Test. Fresh Windows 10 install with latest Intel drivers. Fresh Ubuntu 15.10 install. I benchmarked on every setting / resolution / external monitor / RAM combination possible. Results are based on settings that gave the highest numbers in Windows, which are not necessarily the lowest graphics settings.


      Note: I realize that I am limiting the RAM speed to 667mhz by combining a 4GB 800mhz stick with a 1GB 667mhz; therefore, I ran the tests with and without the 667mhz stick. Saw improvement with the +1.


      Ubuntu highest FPS = 95.88

      Win10 highest FPS = 128.44