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    I7-5700HQ regular bluescreens in the Gigabyte P55W V4 laptop




      I am currently facing a reproducible problem with the P55W V4 Laptop which contains the I7-5700HQ. The 2016 Office programs, several virtual machines,

      Dota 2 and CS:GO make the Laptop crash with a bluescreen of death with the "Machine check exception" error message, which seems to be related to the processor.

      MSI recently rolled out a BIOS update that seems to fix the problem with their laptops that contain the same processor (i7 5700hq).


      There are various threads about this issue currently avaible on different Forums.


      MSI GE62 - 2QL BSODs (Machine Check Exception)


      i7 5700 HQ issues? | NotebookReview


      Updating the Bios and all drivers did not help in any way and it is extremely frustrating to not be able to use office applications and play rather old games on this expensive hardware.

      I hope there is some incentive towards fixing this problem soon, some manufactures already have delivered makeshift updates to their BIOS.