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    memory ram clips broken, now cannot power device


      Hi, I purchased 2 new NUC units from a cetified retailer in Perth, managed to upgrade ssd and install Kingston memory with no issues whatsoever.




      However, I proceeded attempted install with second unit and one of the plastic clips snapped at the join and I was unable to install the memory.

      Obviously then attempted to boot the device, fan spins and power is on with no blue LED light and no picture which I gather is from the lack of memory....
      I would please like to know if there are other enquiries from similar stories, and if it can be rectified through warranty easily, or if the memory module can be replaced.

      Please advise as this is a ti
      me sensitive issue.


      Kind regards,



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          Hi all,


          I have returned the faulty kingston ram that complies with the nuc compatibility, and managed to get the clips to maintain the new ram enough to boot and load with a solid blue power led until I get to the install Windows screen, and the unit does not recognize the 240gig samsung evo SSD, that I successfully installed on the other unit...also, I am afraid it will become loose with movement of the unit, and I would like to know the best course of action to take from here...ie. to replace the ram module on the motherboard via a technician, or if I can still get a warranty repair/replacement (ideal definitely...)


          Kind regards,





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            Hi raphmiester,


            Please put in contact with our Customer Support Center and explain your situation. Our NUC kits have 3 years of warranty since the date of purchase.
            Contact Support


            Mike C