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    Remote access to IPMI/BMC on S1200V3RP


      I'm trying to get remote LAN access to BMC on S1200V3RP (Rainbow Pass). The IP is set to static configuration with valid IP address on my network, all users are enabled and assigned password in setup, but no matter what I try, BMC doesn't respond to any attempts to communicate with it via LAN. I tried Ipmiutil, nmap, ssh, IPMIView...


      The system runs Ubuntu, and it does have network connection via onboard LAN, so I am pretty positive it's not a HW issue. Ipmitool can access BMC locally, and I can verify the LAN setup of BMC corresponds to what I have configured in setup.


      The system doesn't have RMM4 installed, just plain board with no extras. The BMC is Emulex Pilot III (?).


      Is the BMC supposed to be accessible? Is there anything else I need to do, like a secret jumper, magical setup question... or it's simply not supposed to work?


      ipmitool mc info:

      Device ID: 33

      Device revision: 1

      Firmware revision: 1.13

      IPMI Version: 2.0


      BTW: I have the same problem with my Aztec City, again Emulex Pilot III. I don't have any problems with my Supermicro board using Nuvoton BMC.


      I'll be grateful for any hints or suggestions!