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    Bug Report: Intel HD Graphic driver for Intel Atom X7 display issue on some WPF Applications in Windows 10


      Referring to this issue: c# - Why WPF gui not showing on Windows 10? - Stack Overflow


      The root cause is the GPU driver is not up to date enough to cater a display bug on WPF applications in Windows 10.


      For some Intel HD Graphics GPU like HD 4400, the latest driver version have solved this issue.


      However, for Intel Atom X7, the latest driver version for the Intel HD Graphic is still, which the problem still persist.


      This create a lot of problem for Atom X7 users, especially those have purchased Microsoft Surface 3 (not Surface pro 3) which is running on the X7 CPU, apparently, nearly all WPF application could not be run normally!!!


      so my questions is:


      1. is there any way i can download and forcefully install for those running Atom X7 CPU? I have tried various ways but still, i cannot do it successfully.

      2. if not, what is the schedule of releasing a new release so that this bug could be fully catered?


      Thank you.