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    How can I Flash 40 Edison Boards at once ?


      I need to prepare 40 Edison Boards for a workshop. IoT - Intel® Edison Board | Intel® Developer Zone

      Manually Flashing each board and then adding required Yokto libraries and Applications is time consuming.



      Can anyone recommend additional hardware to build All 40 boards at the same time ?



      Its a 2 step process at the moment for each Board.

      1. Flash latest Firmware release

      2. update the MRAA and UPM libraries on the board using a Linux Script - to change the repo version to 2.0 : src maa-upm http://iotdk.intel.com/repos/2.0/intelgalactic

      then do opkg update &  opkg upgrade.  Install some additional applications - npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red &  npm install -g --unsafe-perm pm2





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          How about you get 40 developers at the event to flash their own boards...  if you are lucky you will then have forty boards updated at the same time.


          That's how its handled at the IoT Roadshows.  That way they have the knowledge and procedure to update the board when the next s/w image is released.

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            I have enough trouble doing one at a time... If you find a way to flash 40 please share because for some reason I have not given up on the Edison yet, and I may have the need to do the same one day.

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              Hello AJW,


              Unfortunately you will have to flash them all one by one. I mean, I'm not saying that it is impossible to flash more than one board at the time but all the flashing methods available were designed to flash one board at the time.


              You also would like to add some packages after flashing the board. You could avoid that step by creating your own image by following the steps in the BSP. That way you can flash the image with the latest MRAA, UPM, etc. already installed.