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    Windows 10 upgrade has destroyed my drivers


      New to the community so i am hoping someone can help...



      DELL VOSTRO 1015 Laptop - Previously running Windows 7 with no issues, until I upgraded to Windows 10...


      As an ametuer 3D Artist, I have been messing with DAZ3d for a while, which was all good on my old Operating System...


      Since the upgrade to Windows 10 - The program will not run... I get a message saying that I need OpenGL 1.3 or higher and the my computer only has 1.1


      According to the DELL website - All my drivers are up to date so now I am stuck! What can I do? I know the Graphics chip in the Vostro is capable of taking OpenGL 1.6 at most, but there appears to be no drivers from Dell for Windows 10.


      As I have already had Windows 10 running for a week, I cannot even downgrade as it has already deleted the old windows files.


      Can anyone Help?