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    Soft-reset on intel-edison


      On soft-reset, I see uboot on intel-edison is setting pins high.

      Uboot's edison patch seems small and has no information about the pins. Where is getting set, then?

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          Hi stixter,


          The explanation to this is that digital pins ae shared by different interfaces through muxing, that’s why some pins go high at startup, the interfaces are loaded during kernel startup. The IFWI firmware is setting the initial sate of the pins, however, the SFI tables and the IFWI cannot be made available to the public because it's not open source information.

          If you want to avoid this behavior you can try connecting pull down resistors on these pins to keep them ‘low’ before they are initialized.




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            What can we do in software?

            Also, in the Linux kernel sources for intel_edison, I see the file called

            arch/x86/platform/intel-mid/intel-mid.c and it has the following code:

            static void intel_mid_reboot(void)


                    if (intel_scu_ipc_fw_update()) {

                            pr_debug("intel_scu_fw_update: IFWI upgrade failed...\n");


                    if (force_cold_boot)

                            rpmsg_send_generic_simple_command(IPCMSG_COLD_BOOT, 0);


                            rpmsg_send_generic_simple_command(IPCMSG_COLD_RESET, 0);



            Is there anyway to send COLD BOOT command (from command line or via gpio) ?

            Looking to test before making it permanent.

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              Adding 2.6k ohm resistor as pull down made no difference to the behavior. It seems like the voltage across those pins go "high" or 5V when "reboot" command is issued, and before uboot runs. Either a power reset of the entire board through software  OR way to set the status of these pins explicitly either in uboot or kernel is a must have for us.

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                Alternatively, Is there a way to set a pin in the kernel directly to either power-reset OR?
                Failing that, Is there a way to set pin to a known state in either uBoot or kernel before userland programs are ready?

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                  Hi stixter,


                  As a suggestion, a hardware work around may be possible by buffering the devices from the GPIO with a muxing that has a delayed select. Have you tried this?

                  Another option would be to customize the standard Linux image by excluding the packages that you won’t use and that cause this ‘high’ behavior at boot.




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                    Hi stixter,


                    Do you have updates on this?

                    Have you been able to run more tests? Have you considered the suggestions above?




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                      We redesigned the board and do not have this problem anymore. Thanks!