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    HD4600 multi monitor problem


      I have a Lenovo gaming laptop with HD 4600 graphics and only 1 HDMI port(nor VGA or DVI). Now I want to connect 2 monitors to my laptop as 2 extended desktops. I viewed the FAQs about triple display, HD 4600 seems to support this function but I am not sure about if I can have 3 displays by using usb hub and usb-DVI/VGA/HDMI adapter. If I can, which adapter should I choose?


      can you have me out? Thanks.

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          If your computer has only 1 HDMI port, then you would have two displays, this would be internal LCD screen and the HDMI monitor. Intel recommends connecting straight cables.

          Triple monitor configuration would work if your computer is equipped with display port and other video ports.