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    Building a SmartWatch with Intel Edison


      Hello everybody,

      I`m trying to construct a smartwatch using the intel edison board, a spartkfun base block and a sparkfun battery block, the problem is, I don`t know how can I do it.

      My first idea was to install debian in the intel edison, but it crashed all the times I tried, when I flashall it, I got an error in the part "flashing rootfs", the cmd simply skip this part, and when I boot the Intel Edison after it, it starts the Yocto Project and it fails loading the kernel.

      I don't care for using the Yocto Project, but I need a graphic interface, like a desktop for the smartwatch, from there I could buid some simple softwares.

      My first option for the smartwatch was android or windows, but as far as I know is impossible.

      So, what shold I do?

      Another thing, I bought a SPI display with touch screen for the SmartWatch, but it haves 8 pins, and my sparkfun base block just have one hole for it! how do I connect them?

      So, this is it, all problems that I have. Since know I thank you for the help.