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    Screen Goes Foggy After Chaning Profile


      What is my issue?

      My windows display turns foggy after changing profile (a profile as in different settings within the Intel software) and the only way to remove the screen from being foggy is by refreshing the display.

      I am able to refresh the display by either alt tabbing from a full screen game or updating my driver (which refreshes the screen).


      What do I mean by foggy?

      I am unable to take a screen shot of the foggy version because the output of the screenshot does not appear foggy.

      When I say foggy I mean it is as if there is a white overlay covering my screen with a really low opacity. I was able to create the foggy effect in photoshop and show you an example of what it looks like here:

      normal.pngNormal Desktopfoggy.pngFoggy Desktop (after switching profiles)


      What Display Driver am I using?

      I am using the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 display driver.


      What is being changed when my profile changes?

      The screen resolution is being decreased (to 1024 x 768) and stretched and the saturation is increased in one profile, and the other is all default with the correct resolution (which is 1366 x 768)


      Why am I changing between profiles?

      One profile is called 'Desktop' and the other is called 'CSGO' (CSGO is a game).

      My Desktop profile is my default profile and I use it for just using my desktop casually.

      My CSGO profile is my decreased in resolution and increased saturation profile which is purely for gaming.