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    IOT kit sensor model


      Hi All,


      I am planning for a IOT sensor model. So was wondering , what would I need or buy for it.

      For either proximity, touch, water, vibrate sensor models.

      Would be thankful, if anybody has ideas or thoughts on it or have done a similar model or prj.


      Thank You,


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          Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 2 Developer Kit is a complete hardware & software solution to help you explore the IoT space and create innovative projects. It is a starter kit for Intel Galileo Gen2, best choice for IoT developer to develop potential of Intel Galileo Gen2 and build prototype built in Galileo 2.

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            Hi Admin / Billa,



            Good Morning !


            Nice to see your response in the forum.

            Is there a  device from Intel IOT or some product to convert the output from the sensors ?


            Example: That is to display different custom message for each (if I had multiple blocks connected to the sensor ) block on a computer or cell phone screen.

            Or emit a voice record depending on the block  touched or vibrated.


            Happy Halloween


            Thank you,