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    Update BIOS - Should I?


      I have a relatively old (9 years) desktop computer with a DP35DP Motherboard.  I have never updated the BIOS.  The BIOS version in use is DPP3510J.86A.0413.2008.0306.2218 and the Intel site claims that version 0572 (from Sept 2010) is the current version.  Many recommendations on the Internet is to not update BIOS if you don't need to, because it can be a dangerous process.  Well I don't know if I need to.  The BIOS I am running is five versions old. I looked at the Release Notes for BIOS changes from 0413 and 0572 and do not see any mention of the one symptom I experience.

      The only issue I experience that might be BIOS related is when I boot from a CD/DVD - I get a screen that shows:




      Select CD-ROM Boot Type :


      There is no explanation for what 1 & 2 mean - I have learned to always enter 1 (then enter), if I enter 2 the optical disk does not boot. I presume the BIOS is displaying that screen (maybe not).  It would be nice to know what #1 means when booting from a CD/DVD; but if a BIOS update will not resolve this I would not take the risk.


      If one of the Fixes resolves this I would definitely try a BIOS update.   I have downloaded the latest BIOS ISO file and PDF instructions, but not cut a CD yet.  I run only Linux and the ISO option is recommended for that situation.

      Is there a way to save the current BIOS to recover in case something goes wrong?  I have saved photos of the current BIOS screens to refer to if I do update and need to change settings.  Does anyone have a suggestion?