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    D54250WYKH 3.5mm audio jack has stopped working


      I have a D54250WYKH NUC that has worked fine for quite a long time.  It has been on continually since Feb 2014 using 64-bit Windows 8.1 pro.  When I plugged in headphones they have worked just fine.  I switched headphones to several different types and even plugged in an adapter cable to feed the audio to my stereo amplifier analog input.  Nothing works.  About a month ago, the jack stopped working.  The pop-up indicating something has been plugged in does not react anymore (no pop-up).  I've uninstalled/reinstalled the audio driver twice, used a previous audio driver, and even upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 but nothing seems to fix this situation.  All other aspects of the NUC appear to be functioning fine.  Is there a way to force the audio jack active through the software?

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