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    When powering over OTG, able to SSH, but Virtual Com Port is not mounting to PC


      I am confused as to why the Edison is not showing up in my Device Manager as a Virtual Com Port and USB Composite Device when I plug in the USB cable to the OTG port on the Edison w/ Arduino Expansion Board. Here is some reference to my system and attempts at troubleshooting thus far.


      1. Edison Image is most updated version of Yocto

      2. SSHing into Edison via Putty on a PC running Windows 10

      3. Plugging in to USB 3.0 port on Lenovo Thinkcentre M93p (The small one)


      My first thought is that the Edison is not getting enough power to boot from my USB cable, but then why am I able to work on the Edison via SSH (and serial for that matter)? I attempted to test if it was indeed the power supply by plugging the USB cable into a second Edison. After power cycling 2 or 3 times, the 2nd Edison did mount as a Virtual Com Port (allowing me to upload an Arduino Sketch to the board). So, I am wondering if it could be any of the following:


      1. Could the 1st Edison be using more power? I have been messing around quite a lot adding and deleting files to the root directory of the 1st Edison, and the 2nd Edison still seems to struggle as it takes 2 or 3 powering cycles to show as a Virtual Com Port. I thought maybe my Lenovo was not supplying enough current through its USB port, but this theory still seems to be debunked by the fact that the 2nd Edison works. In addition, I uploaded a sketch to test 16 LEDs at once, which worked, so the load on the 2nd Edison should be greater than the 1st Edison.


      2. Did I modify the Edison in some way that is causing it not to mount anymore? This Edison was flashed using the flashall utility. It was being used to execute a nodejs server that triggers LEDs from incoming data from an Intel Realsense Camera. In the process, I added a lot of repos, installed packages...etc. In addition, I also followed a guide to add disk space on this Edison.


      Any thoughts on which, if any of these things, could be causing my issue would be much appreciated!


      Thank You