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    Differences between Bluetooth drivers for Windows and Ubuntu sticks?


      I am trying to establish Bluetooth connectivity between an Android device and the Ubuntu version of the Stick. When I run the server-side JAR file that looks for a connection, then try to connect to the device via an app that works with this code, I'll get an error from the Android device saying that it couldn't connect to the device because of a PIN/passkey mismatch. (I would never be asked for one; only to ask if I wanted to connect.)


      I've tried the same client code on an old computer with XP and the Windows version of the Stick. In that case, I was given the option on the tablet to enter the passkey, and upon confirming the device connection on the other end, I would have a successful Bluetooth connection through that app. This has led me to believe that there is some sort of driver issue with regards to the Ubuntu Stick. This is the same server-side JAR file and SDK, and I'm assuming that the Bluetooth hardware is the same for both Windows and Ubuntu Sticks.


      Here's what I've done so far:


      • pairing/unpairing the devices through Ubuntu's Bluetooth interface before trying the app
      • manually installed the latest version of JDK 8 in place of OpenSDK in the apt-get repository
      • installed libbluetooth-dev and all of the bluez files in said repository
      • upgraded the BIOS from 0024 to 0028 (I noticed a fix regarding Bluetooth and figured that it could apply to my situation)


      None of the above have fixed my issue. Could there be any particular drivers that I'm missing? Or does Ubuntu handle Bluetooth information differently than Windows, and I'm SOL?


      (app I'm testing is from http://luugiathuy.com/2011/02/android-java-bluetooth/)