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    Adding C++ sensor library in Eclipse and some other questions



          I am trying to use a pulse sensor with my Intel Galileo Gen2 board and I have the C++ library for it https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/hardware/sensors/pulse-sensor. I tried to search this library in eclipse through sensor support view option but it is not showing in the list. Could anyone please inform me how to use that library mentioned in the previous link in my project.


      I also tried to use the same sensor in java program since it's has library in sensor support but when run the code I got no java found error. I followed this instruction for installing Java eclipse IDE but got no result. Do we have to install java on the board Linux separately in order to program it in java?


      Also is the Linux commands used in Galileo's Linux is similar to other Linux distribution commands? and where can I find the API to write my own programs for the board?


      I will appreciate any help in this regard. I search for the forum but couldn't able to find any solution for it.