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    WPA2 Enterprise (eduroam) configuration


      I'm struggling to get my edison connected to my University's network. I found this guide and it has helped a little bit.

      Here is my eduroam.conf



      Name = eduroam

      Description = eduroam network configuration



      Type = wifi

      Name = eduroam

      EAP = TLS


      Phase2 = EAP

      Identity = username

      Passphrase = password


      My school has a details page but I'm having trouble correlating all these acronyms to my conf file

      Wireless Name (SSID): eduroam

      Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

      Encryption Type: AES (CCMP)

      EAP Method: EAP-TLS (or TLS)

      Root CA Certificate(s): WPI NetOps Wireless CA

      Server Name: <Leave Blank>

      Client Certificate: <Download Above>

      Username: <Download Above>



      Here's the error i get when I run commandctl connect eduroam:

      Error /net/connman/service/eduroam: Method "Connect" with signature "" on interface "net.connman.Service" doesn't exist


      Any help is greatly appreciated...