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    Premiere Pro CS 5.5 BSODs


      Computer Name: HP Envy K204TX touchscreen


      Computer configuration:

      Intel Core i7 5500U CPU

      Intel HD Graphics 5500

      Nvidia Geforce GTX 850M (4GB dedicated vRAM)

      8GB DDR3L 1600MHz main memory

      1TB hard disk

      FHD IPS TouchScreen.

      Windows 8.1 HOME(Came pre-installed with this computer, i did not upgrade to Windows 10 because of Microsoft's "forced updates" policy on Windows 10).


      Issue description:

      Launching Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 on this computer, causes a BSOD.

      Errors are different at different times, but the two most common are "System_Process_Exception" and "Kernel_Security_check_failure".

      Windows is up to date, all Windows updates, except the diagnostics tracking service, and the get windows 10 update, are installed.


      After trying a lot of things (attempting to run while plugged in, attempting to run in "high performance" power profile, disabling touch screen on the laptop, removing all external accessories-even my external mouse, heck i even tried turning the keyboard backlight off!), the issue could not be resolved.

      I finally thought I'll try using my NVidia card.. Right clicked on the Premiere icon, pointed to "Run with graphics processor->" and selected "High performance Nvidia GPU"., and Adobe premiere launched fine, NO BSOD, no errors, it showed the premiere logo for 10 seconds, and took me to the workplace.



      I now right click on Premiere, point to "Run with graphics processor->" and select "Integrated Graphics (Intel HD graphics 5500)", no more BSOD, premiere launches fine, within seconds, but in my system tray, i see "1 program is using Nvidia GPU", and if i hover my mouse over this/ touch on this notification, it says: Nvidia GPU activity: Premiere Pro CS 5.5 is using GTX 850M" or something like that.


      What's going on? How do i use the intel graphics with Premiere Pro?

      My older laptop has a core i3 CPU with intel HD graphics 3000, and no dedicated GPU, and Premiere pro CS 5.5 launches just fine on that laptop.

      If anything, I'd assume the HD graphics 5500 to be more powerful than the HD graphics 3000.. 3000 can handle it, but 5500 BSODs (and now it just gives up and wakes up my nvidia card), is kinda weird..

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          Hi Awesumium,

          Please see the sticky for the process of reporting inquiries, wrt searching for similar posts and using the default info template.


          With a quick search I see in this post below there is note of a similar behavior with AP crashing, it's also noted that the user resolved it by updating their nVidia driver. If you're getting it to run on a previous Intel only system, and the new factor here is an NV card, and when you utilize the program with NV it all together resolves the issue... I'd definitely check the NV driver. Please ensure you have all drivers and any/all software updates complete. If you're still seeing an issue, please follow the guidelines to report the issue so someone on the forum can assist or Intel can investigate. Appreciate it.

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