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    DG35JO not post beeping but working


      After fully resoftwaring system. Fitting Samsung EVO 250SSD Using current BIOS V

      System appears to boot and work properly. I'm just (OCD) bit concerned with no beep at POST. Checked memory speed it is exactly as per the manual .

      PSU OK Ram OK tested. Barebones boot produces same result.

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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          The beep can be disabled from within BIOS Setup. Are you sure it isn't disabled?



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            Hi mjnoone,


            Could you please clarify the issue? If your motherboard getting into the BIOS and operating system or no video.


            Please, perform a test using motherboard, processor, 2 memory sticks of DDR2 667/800MHz, power supply and without SSD. Let me know the behavior.


            The latest BIOS versions of the Intel® Desktop Board DQ35JO are in the link below if you want to update it.
            Intel® Download Center


            Additional troubleshooting is available in the link below.
            Support for the Intel® Desktop Board DQ35JO


            Mike C

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              1. Hi. Yes I agree my initial information was lacking some details.

              Motherboard IS getting into BIOS and operating system (Currently Upgraded to Win 10 x64 Pro).

              Have modified the ram (800MHz) to exactly match the specified requirements in the Manual.

              Had to manually change from 6-6-5- to 6-6-6- (Not sure what the other digits refer to?)

              System performs identically with or without a video card.

              I have noticed a “lag” when moving to different tab/screen options within BIOS (Current BIOS is

              You “may” be into something regarding the SSD however as I cannot recall if I booted with the SSD unplugged.

              Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. VERY much appreciated. Stay tuned for the results

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                First of all, sounds like the version number for the Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware that is installed (this firmware is included in and installed as part of BIOS updates). If so, then you don't seem to have the latest available BIOS installed. The latest available ME firmware for your board is This firmware is provided in the latest  BIOS release for your board, which is version JO1143P. This BIOS' version string, which is displayed on the initial screen in BIOS setup, is JOQ3510J.86A.1143.2010.1209.0048. If you are seeing a different version string displayed - which you likely will based on ME firmware version - I recommend that you upgrade to this latest available BIOS.


                Regarding your memory, I am somewhat confused. Are you saying that you had to change the RAM timings from their defaults in order for the system to successfully boot? If not, you shouldn't be touching these timings. The DIMMs tell the BIOS what timing settings are necessary and the BIOS sets up the RAM controllers to work optimally with them. You should only change them if it proves absolutely necessary or if you are attempting to overclock them - though it doesn't seem like this is the case here. There are known cases where DIMMs incorrectly report the necessary timings and the settings have to be adjusted in order for them to work - but again, this doesn't seem to be the case here.


                The lag between screens has nothing to do with the SSD. No one implied that at all.


                Summarizing, it doesn't seem like to have any issue other than you are disconcerted because you don't hear a beep during boot (at least not unless you have created an issue playing with the RAM timings). As I said earlier, the beep is something that many BIOSs support being enabled/disabled in BIOS Setup (I am unsure that this was the case in the JO BIOS, however). Another cause for not hearing the beep is the speaker on your motherboard is damaged or covered up. In our development labs, we rebooted systems so often that the beeps drove us absolutely crazy. We often covered them with stickers or tape or whatever we could find in order to shut them up. We eventually added this BIOS option for disabling the beep just to preserve our own sanity (though customers asked for it too). Unfortunately, I am unsure during which generation we did this; it could have been before or after the 3 Series generation. Note that I am talking about a small internal speaker on the board; This has nothing to do with the external speakers (or headphones) that you might have plugged into your system in order to hear sounds/alerts/music played in Windows.



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                  Thanks for your feedback I have checked and reflashed the latest bios. The beep is definitely working (example no ram = 3 beeps) I've allowed the motherboard (Bios) to control  DIMM spd automatically after reading your post. Yes you are correct No tweaking of any kind with system speeds. I am (as you said) disconcerted with the failure of that single "POST Successful" beep. Being somewhat OCD with my work ethic, no beep prompts me to ask "why not".

                  The system has never faltered with booting properly and I have done the full extensive bare bones and adding 1 item at a time trying to find the cause of the beep failure. Even from barebones I fail to hear that single beep. Originally the system had  DDR2-667 Mhz 1 GB sticks x2. As my customer wanted to get the absolute best from the system I bought 4 x 2GB DDR2-800Mhz ram sticks(From China).

                  As the beeping seemed to stop around the time of fitting these Ram sticks, I suspected the Ram "may be" causing the problem. Thus I dug deeper to check the clock speeds of this Chinese Ram.

                  According to technical specs from Intel The Ram should clock at 6-6-6-(the other number I don't know of it's importance) The Chinese Ram clocked in at 6-6-5. That is why I manually corrected the settings. After reading your post the Ram spd is auto now.  Everything is working perfectly with the system with the exception of the POST beep. My customer is an engineer and I did explain to him (what importance I placed) the significance of that solitary POST beep. Now I think I may have dug myself a hole and don't know what to do, Thus I'm appealing to anyone who may be able to point me in the direction of regaining that annoying little beep. I may have provided the wrong details regarding the Bios After double checking the Bios I am using is JOQ3510J.86A.1143.EB.EXE.

                  I really appreciate any feedback regarding this issue. I've been in the industry now about 15 years but the more one learns the more there is to learn.The speaker I'm pertaining is definitely the Bios speaker internal with 2 pins spanning out to 4 pins. No other sound device is in the equation. Thanks again and looking forward to any other gems of info you may be able to share with me. :-)

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                    I'd love to know where you found the reference in the documentation that says the timing should be 6-6-6. It shouldn't say nor imply that. This is likely yet another of those places where the documentation is ambiguous enough that it is subject to incorrect - and unexpected - interpretations. This is, by the way, (part of) the specification of the Wait State timings necessary for a particular DIMM - where in the read and write cycles the processor must wait (delay) in order to assure that the data is available from and/or accepted by, the DIMM and its RAM I/C(s). While it is true that some of the wait states necessary are a function of the memory bus implementation, there is always some variance in what can be supported by the particular DIMM architecture and the particular RAM I/C(s) used.


                    With regards to the End-Of-POST beep, customers fell into three categories, those that liked it, those that accepted it and those that hated it. Unfortunately, most fell into this latter category (and, for many, it wasn't hated, it was *hated*). As I said, we eventually added a BIOS Setup parameter for disabling this beep and we eventually changed the default for this parameter from Enabled to Disabled [Aside: in fact, later on, we dropped the speaker completely and either produce the beeps through the sound system or using flashes of the power LED]. I do not remember whether your board had this parameter (and I can't find any references to this in the board's TPS). The first thing that you should do is go into BIOS setup and see if you can find this parameter. If it's there, you may find that it has been set to Disabled.


                    Another possibility is that the piezo speaker is starting to fail. Most beep patterns (like the 3 beeps for No-RAM) use long beeps. It may be that the speaker can still produce the long beeps but the short beeps (like that used for End-Of-POST) are no longer audible (ok, it's true, I am grabbing things out of the air now)...



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                      Hi mike@mikescomputerfix.com.au,


                      Thank you for your update.


                      Mike C

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                        Update for you mikec, With the latest bios. the POST beep option is missing completely. The ram info came from http://www.intel.com/assets/pdf/prodspec/dq35jo-tps.pdf

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                          Cesar Badilla

                          Hello mike@mikescomputerfix.com.au


                          Thank you for sharing this information,



                          Caesar B.