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    Windows 10 DiectX : Runtime Version with Hardware supported version


      Hi all,

      I just upgraded to Windows 10.


      The Intel Graphics Driver download site have the graphics driver for Windows 10 that match with my processor and graphic cards.

      Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4510U

      Card: Intel HD Graphics 4400

      OS: Windows 10

      Intel Graphics Driver : (



      The new driver that I downloaded from Intel site contains the newest DirectX 12.

      After I installed, the system information inside the Control Panel shows Directx version:

      Runtime Version : 12

      Hardware Supported version : 11.1


      Inside the Directx Diagnostic Tool. It shows version 12 too.




      I have question.

      1. Will the new "Graphics Driver" (Directx 12 with Windows 10) works with the Hardware Supported Directx version (Directx 11.1) "Graphics Card"??

      2. Will the new graphics driver support my graphics card??

      3. Or, which graphics driver should I download??


      The Intel Driver Update Utility gives a 3rd Gen Driver for me after I scan for new driver.

      But I'm running on 4th Gen Processor and Intel HD Graphic 4400.




      Which driver should I download??


      Sorry about my English.

      Thank you.


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