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    Heard a rumor that we ALL might be RMAing our drives. NEVER MIND FALSE INFO


      Never mind. Obviously a rumor.

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          If it`s true Intel would delete your comment.

          I hope just rumor what you`ve heard.

          We`ll see.

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            Well I guess this type of rumour is to be expected when peoiple are left in the dark.


            I would not be that surprised however as I have had nothing but problems with G2’s. I owned G1’s and did not have a single problem. From my experience the G2’s are erratic, athough I appreciate other people have not had problems. That said I’ve had the same problems with 3 different g2's on a system that performed flawlessly with G1’s. Problems are related to freezes and “disappearing” drives. I get a bad SMART status during boot up in bios and the drive is not then seen by the OS. On reboot it will sometimes “reappear” and the SMART record shows no errors.

            I was going to hold back to see if the new fw fixed this but I think it’s time to rma and go back to G1’s or another alternative.

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              Well first there was an information that not the firmware itself causes the problem, but the Updater.. Intel promised that they release a fix by end of november, and this is now overdue..  It makes me wonder why it takes them so long to fix the Updater (i presume that any engineer available and capable in the SSD sector at intel is now working on this task) This makes me further thinking that it could be not so untrue what he said


              But on the other hand, i dont think that the hardware causes the issue, why would it work then fine with the older firmware - or otherway around - why would a firmware update cause a sudden hardware problem on a flash chip print? A certain hardware constellation could prevent a certain approach of a firmware functionality to work.. but.. well i am no chip/ssd drive engineer ;-)


              i do not hope that i have to return my 3 postvilles - they are running fine in a raid0 - performance degrading i can eliminate simply by a "wipe empty space" as W7 sends the TRIM command along the deleting command - but only if you address every cell - just deleting the file (you know what happens, the file is still there and the cells that store the data are still in use from sight of the controller)


              Anybody has information when a fix will be available, or did intel released some new info when we can expect a working Upgrader/Firmware?

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                Well - as they released now again an Updater with the new firmware - and i did apply the firmware to my SSD's, Problems start to catch up in my rig too :-(

                (i made the Upgrade accurately as it is decribed in the pdf)


                Sometimes the Windows7 Boot up freezes, or i do not come even that far.. had even already freezes after the Upgrade when i startet Acronis Trueimage.. That hanged too when recognizing the drives.. Once i even had a hanger in BIOS (!) or a hanger during POST


                I never ever had such problems.. weired.. I'll have to check if something else causes this behaviour