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    To the Intel NAND Solution Group


      You guys don't learn or don't care or your mgmt has you hamstrung.  Words of advice. When customers buy computer products, one of the things they look at is Support. How does the company handle support?  I paid top premium for the SSD drives when they first came out. I'm not complaining about price because I knew what i was doing,  BUT, and here is the big part; I will not pay top premium for another if i believe there is NO SUPPORT for the drives. 


      Communication is vital. It doesn't cost you 1 cent to communicate, even if you might take some flack from those that just want to complain. But it will definitely cost you in the long run TO NOT COMMUNICATE.   Maybe you just don't care because SSD sales is probably a fraction of your net sales now, but if you had a business eye you could see how it could become a huge part of your sales. 


      You might engineer a damn good drive, but no one will buy it if they can buy the competitors drives at a good price point AND GET SUPPORT when their issues or if they need to know how to make the drive perform best.  


      I give OCZ, one of your major competitors, credit; THEY COMMUNICATE.


      Words to the wise.

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          Couldn't agree with you more, very well said.......


          I'm lucky as I have a new X25 G2, and can easily be sent BACK!!

          I feel sorry for those with bricked drives who are in limbo.....


          It just isn't acceptable. Are they trying to turn us to OCZ? Cos its starting to work!!

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            I run my x25-m G2 80gb as primary Linux (boot) drive without problems (running wiper.sh to clean it) but if I would be buying today:


            OCZ dear intel people, OCZ.

            They listen and communicate to their customer.


            -1 for Intel (in this case)

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              bought a new drive and been waiting for 2 weeks to update the firmware and still waiting... this is really unacceptable from a company like intel... i think intel should give some compensation to all x25m g2 owners who are troubled by firmware issues...

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                I usually upgrade my hard drives every 2-3 years with the advancement of technology. The near future will bring SATA 3 and at that time I will buy new drives, presently have three drives all Intel SSD. From the way Intel has taken this laid back approach to communicate with us, I will likely buy my drives from some other company, OCZ is a very real possibility. I seriously doubt I am the only one who upgrades their equipment. I can well imagine there will be quite a backlash from this lack of comunication from Intel and it may very well expand into their other products as well. Intel would be wise to submit an update today about their firmware.


                As dbm said, communication to customers goes a long way in bringing loyal customers, and a lack of communication goes a long way to lose those very same customers--and new ones as well.

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                  I agree completely.

                  Come on Intel, we don't ask for a declaration of Otellini, we wish only to be informed about this matter even by the last PR that you hired. BUT INFORMED!

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                    Well said, dbm. Amen for that.


                    [I have switched bussiness partners (my local PC part suppliers) exactly because of the unacceptable support and RMA process. And I have not regret it. Some of them were in a position not to care about small businesses then - now it has turned otherwise in many cases, but they won't see a cent from me. Wise learn, the others don't.]

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                      All companies have problems. What differentiates companies is how they deal with those problems.

                      Intel -1

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                        I think i'm going to send my drive back and get an OCZ.


                        Absolutely shocking.

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                          Well, it's quite obvious by now that Intel doesn't give a damn about it's customers as soon as the purchase is made.


                          The OP is quite right and it couldn't have been said better.


                          Another -1 for Intel!

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                            I agree with you guys. Another -1.


                            I thought I made the right move when I moved from the 1st gen. OCZ to Intel, but it seems I`ll not to buy anything else from Intel.

                            OCZ has a proper Customer Service not like Intel, they`re talking and listening every day.

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                              The only thing that will help will be for the media or some of the major tech sites to get on this Intel disgrace. Once that happens, we'll see all kinds of action.