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    X9100 or QX9300?




      I need the fastest workstation laptop possible for using with 3D softwares like Catia/Alias. I would like to know between the core extreme X9100 or core extreme QX9300. Because the QX9300 is more expensive than the X9100 I don't know which one is finally faster considering that theorically the X9100 should be 21% faster following just the clock speed. I don't understand the tecnologies behind, like "Dyinamic Acceleration" of the QX9300 and the advantages of all this. I just know that Catia and Alias don't benefit of Multi-core tasking and I need the fastest one for using these softwares out of my office room. I also heard about the i7 and future i9, but LeNovo, Dell or HP don't have laptop workstations with these processors... can they be worse?