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    Problem with 2230 integrated adapter on HP Envy-4 1161 with Windows 10 onboard


      Hi everyone. I have a problem with my Intel 2230 Wi-Fi adapter. When I use my ultrabook wi-fi connection is breaking. OS (win10) indicates, that the internet connection lost, browser shows different errors like "DNS probe failed". The list of Wi-FI access points clears. Some net applications don't response. Then it may restore unexpectedly.

      I tested connection with different routers. The problem is not wired with a provider or transport devices, because other wi-fi devices like smartphone, tablet, notebooks works well. I tried to refresh my OS, but it didn't help. I also tried to refresh my driver, but it updated to with new status "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher" and the problem wasn't solved. Help me to make work with the Internet through Wi-Fi not like a battle, please.