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    Intel 3510 1.2TB - Very slow write speeds after power up / optimizer run




      I am testing the Intel 3510 (1.2TB) SSD to be used in a data logging application.  The average data rate requirement is 60MB /sec.


      The OS (Windows XPembedded)  is installed on a Compact Flash Card.  The SSD is used for data logging only.

      The test consists of the following:


      1) Boot up system

      2) Format SSD

      3) Automatically run the intel optimizer utility from using the command line options.  (wait till completed)

      4) Record Data until 90% full

      5) Copy Log files to USB drive

      6) Reboot the system


      The data is generated at an average rate of 60MB / sec.  The writes are generally large buffers of data (5-10MB) with occasional smaller writes to a log file.


      In the beginning of each test we see a period of a second or two where the data rate drops well below the typical rate.  We buffer data to try to work thru these slow periods but our system does not have enough memory to survive when the performance is this slow.


      The attached charts show the typical data write speed of 100MB/sec but also the very low performance (<20MB/sec) at the start of the test.


      We have used the 3700 series and various predecessors without having this problem.  Do you have any recommendations on how we might work around this issue.