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    Why doesn't your drivers work with the 965 chipset


      My computer locks up on average every fifteen minutes and I'm told its because of the intel 965 chipset.  Gateway evidently put that chipset in its top of the line lap tops. I"ve been told that I need to do the "upgrade your driver" search and it tells me I have the most current driver.  The site I'm using also sent me to http://downloadcerter.intel.com/detail_desc.aspx?dwnldid=17297 to fix the problem.  But when I install that driver my computer won't accept it and I had nothing. (I tired both the 32 bit and 64 bit ones.) Can you tell me why your drivers won't work with your video graphic chipsets? I've been told by a computer expert that the problem is that the 965 chipset just isn't good enough to handle the video in the online gaming.  Is that the case or are they wrong? So am I to assume that after spending big money for my top of the line lap top that if I want to do any gaming with it I'll just have to have it lock up every fifteen minutes and repeatedly do a complete restart of my computer in order to continue? Or is there any plans to develop a driver that will help my computer do what its supposed to do? The video graphics which give me so much trouble are those in World Of Warcraft. Thank You.