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    Please, help me decide which CPU fits best with my application


      I'm trying to speed up the processing of the software "Photomodeler", which is devoted to generate 3D models searching the same coded targets or patterns in two or more photographs. I need to speed up that search. What that process does is go throw each image searching the coded targets or patterns.


      The people from Photomodeler told me the following:

      Quote :

      As the marking algorithm is not multi-threaded I would suggest a faster 2 core processor would be better than a slower quad core.



      Does this confirm that I should get an "intel dual core 2" instead of an "intel i7"? Does i7 only work fine with multi-threaded software?


      My main question is: being Photomodeler non multi-threaded, is it better to use 4 cores with lower clock frequency (i7) or 2 cores with higher clock frequency (core 2 duo)?


      Thank you in advance!