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    Streaming USB Camera Questions



      What would be the best way to set up a web server and stream a USB UVC webcam using a Galileo Gen 2 with a WiFi card.

      And use processing.js on the web page to run a processing sketch that could control the pins of the Galileo?

      So I would like a PC to connect to the web server and see the camera stream and have buttons onscreen to control the pins.

      Is using Debian Linux the only way to stream the webcam like in this Instructable? or would Yocto work?

      Streaming USB Webcam with the Intel Galileo Gen 2 - All

      And do Arduino sketches work with Debian at the same time the camera is streaming?

      Or could I send the commands from the processing sketch/server through the Galileo's serial to an Arduino to control the pins?


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          Hi DW93,


          Have you tried with that tutorial?

          If you want to use Yocto, you will need to use V4L or ffmpeg for this, do you already have a webcam?

          You should be able to run Arduino sketches in your platform, I’m assuming the image you want to use is Ubilinux, if this is the case I suggest you to contact EmutexLabs for more information about this image and it features.

          You can use the UART of the board to send information to another device. You can use the pins 0 and 1 in both boards in order to use the Rx and Tx.




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            I have ordered a USB UVC webcam but have not received it yet, it should be here this week.

            I wasn't sure what image to use but Ubilinux looks good so I'll try that one.


            What could I use for the web server that will work with Ubilinux and be able to use processing.js on the page?

            apache2?, flask?

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              Hi DW93,


              The supported image is Yocto, there are two versions: the uClibc and EGLIBC, you can download both from: IoT - Intel® Galileo Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone

              If you want to change to the Ubilinux image you can, I suggest you to contact EmutexLabs for questions while using that OS.

              If you want to use Yocto, as I said you can create a web server using V4L, FFMPEG or OpenCV [Python, Node..] there are some threads related to this in the community that may help you on this.


              Kind regards,