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    OPKG-Yocto Unknown Package


      Hi all,


      I was trying to push sensor data up to Google Spreadsheet according to below instructions:

      Google Spreadsheet:


      Create Credentials:

      Using OAuth2 for Authorization — gspread 0.2.5 documentation


      Both require some packages installed (you could check the above links):

      Google Spreadsheet

      First up we will have to install the gspread python library, which will do the heavy lifting of connecting to google docs and updating the spreadsheet! With your board connected and online, run the following:


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      1. sudo apt-get update
      2. sudo apt-get install python-pip
      3. sudo pip install gspread oauth2client

      Create Credential

      1. nstall oauth2client:


      pip install --upgrade oauth2client 


      Depending on your system setup you may need to install PyOpenSSL:


      pip install PyOpenSSL





      Everything worked perfectly fine when I got everything done, tested the code in my Ubuntu (14.04) until I moved the whole thing into Galileo. The problem is: the required packages are all unable to install, and are regarded as Unknown Package.

      I tried "opkg update", I'm sure that my internet connection is fine, it always returns as below:


      opkg install python-pip

      opkg pip install gspread oauth2client -> It said that "pip" was an invalid argument? I'm quite sure that Python-pip should be in the repository run by AlexT which I got it from the very start.

      So I left out the"pip"


      pip install --upgrade oauth2client

      pip install PyOpenSSL

      Same result for both:


      Anyone knows how to get all the packages installed? Those files stay in root folder of Ubuntu, should I do something to copy them to Galileo's SD Card? Where?

      I know the guidance is for RPi, but it is applicable to Intel Galileo, isn't it?

      Any help would be very much appreciated.

      I'm not quite well at English so if there is anything above somehow sounds offensive, please kindly ignore it.

      Thanks in advance.