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    Graphics driver problem i7-6700k



      For starters I must say I'm new to the community so please forgive me if I'm posting in a wrong section or if I do something that I am not supposed to.

      My problem:

      I recently bought an i7-6700K...and I am trying to install the GPU from it and it won't work.

      I am running windows 8.1 x64.

      I have this MOBO:  Asus Z170-K

      I tried to install the graphics from the official asus site and it won't work - it tells me that my system does not meet the minimum required for the instalation to happen. I also tried the Driver Update Utility but when I scan for drivers, it won't find any. I tried plugging my monitor cable into the port for DVI port on the motherboard and only a black screen would show. I need to use the integrated graphics ASAP as I am not going to keep the dedicated video card on this PC, only did this as a fix.

      Can you guys help me? I am using intel products for a long time now and never had problems installing the drivers untill now, I always found a fix for my problems but given the fact that this processor is pretty new I am not able to fix it myself.

      Appreciate any help, thanks!