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    Redefine/calibrate display borders to avoid dead pixels in Intel graphics control panel


      Hi! The rightmost 10% of my Laptop's display is broken; dead pixels top to bottom. Therefore, I want to reduce my resolution from 1600x900 to 1440x900 and display this on the leftmost (working) 90% of my screen. Reducing the resolution is easy, but the resulting image is automatically centered on my display (the left- and rightmost 5% of my screen are black bars). I need to somehow slide this

      image to the right so that all unused pixels with the reduced resolution are on the right (coinciding with the broken section of my screen). I'm looking for an option to do so in the Intel graphics control panel. I know Nvidia and Radeon's control panels have such a feature, but I cannot find it in the Intel graphics control panel. Thanks in advance!


      Specs: native res: 1600x900 Asus laptop K73SJ-TY031V Windows 7 SP2 Intel core i5 2430M 2.4ghz intel integrated graphics+geforce gt520m 1gb