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    Connecting Galileo Gen2 Issues



           I have been trying to connect my Intel Galileo Gen2 with my laptop (running windows 10) for four days and one after another getting caught in some problem. I have one pulse sensor for which I have Arduino sketch and since Galileo is Arduino compatible, I believed it should work but after spending hours of work, I found out the code won't work since these board have different processors and Arduino sketches are not exactly 100percent compatible. So I turned towards Eclipse C++ IDE since I found sensor C++ equivalent code and used these instruction to connect my board https://software.intel.com/en-us/get-started-galileo-windows-step1 but of-course couldn't able to work since I didn't have six 6-pin Serial to Type A USB cable connected to the board. In this page they told to have Micro B to Type A USB cable along with six 6-pin Serial to Type A USB cable but forget to mention where to use it and for what purpose https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-galileo-gen-2-board-assembly-using-eclipse-and-intel-xdk-iot-edition . I don't know why the instructions for the board are so messy? They literately have two different pages for every instructions. Also they should have explained clearly that I need Micro B to Type A USB just for using sketches through Arduino IDE and If I want to use Eclipse IDE I will need six 6-pin Serial to Type A USB cable. Anyway I still need some clarifications


      I tried to connect the board with my laptop through with just Micro B to Type A USB using Eclipse by using "Create a Target Connection" but wasn't getting the IP. So I connected the Ethernet cable with my board to my laptop since I read somewhere that it needs to be connect with the board. I was getting some IP but I lost it after some time. So my question is do I need to connect six 6-pin Serial to Type A USB cable in order to get the IP of the board or it is because of some other issue


      And please Ignore my ignorance with the technology since I just started working with the board.