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    Computing Power: i7-4810MQ Vs. i7-4710MQ ??


      Hello everyone


      (You can jump to the questions below) I am writing to ask for advise regarding processors. I am going to purchase a somewhat powerful laptop. I have the choice to purchase the laptop with one of two Intel processors: i7-4810MQ Vs i7-4710MQ, with difference of +185 USA $ in the price between the two, while the other specifications of the laptop are to remain similar. I tried to search about the difference between these two processors, and I looked up their pages on Intel's website. Also I found these comparisons:








      I need the laptop to do some engineering studies and simulation, which usually employs primarily single threaded applications, such as Solidworks, CATIA, Ansys and Comsol.


      Thus, the higher the core speed the better. I found that most of the discussions about their performance focus on the intended application. Meanwhile the other guys I found online were mostly interested in the gaming performance.


      Part A :::



      My question is about how significant the difference is between the computing power of both processors, as what I concluded is that the difference is barely the extra 300 Mhz in the clock frequency, and 150 Mhz in the Graphic Max Dynamic frequency, which is NOT pretty substantial ??



      Is there a large difference in reality between the computing powers of both which worth investing extra 185 $ ???


      Especially that I am limited on budget.




      Part B :::



      The other thing is, what is the difference i7-6820HK vs i7-6820HQ, as I found that their specs are almost identical ?




      How do they compare to the i7-4810MQ in terms of computing power ??

      This is because I can wait until the laptop I need receives an upgrade in CPU.



      I found that they lack in the points of Max Turbo Frequency, Graphics Base Frequency and Graphic Max Dynamic Frequency, as well as the upgradability, while they provide better resolution capability, more cache and Processor Base Frequency.


      How and Why isn't possible to upgrade i7-6820HQ, while it possible for i7-4810MQ ???




      Why do these two Intel 6th Gen CPUs lag in "Max Turbo Frequency" and "Graphics" behind a 4th Gen CPU, while they have almost the same price ??






      Sorry for the long thread



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          Solidworks, CATIA, Ansys and Comsol


          At least first two needs decent graphics subsystem. RealView in SW especially. Unlikely HD Graphics 4X00 will suite them. There is no certified driver for latest version of SW




          why do the two Skylake CPUs lag behind the older Haswell CPUs in the Turbo Frequency and Graphic Frequency ??


          Top TDP lower for 2W, so turbo frequencies stepped back a little. While internal architecture advancements, larger cache and faster system bus provides greater performance. For integrated graphics frequency is not a main value - number of EUs rules, and Skylake have twice more of them. 

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            Please be aware that the Skylake processor is 14nm and the Haswell processor is 22 nm. The processor base frequency is the operating point where TDP is defined.


            Also you can see that the Skylake memory type is DDR4-2133, LPDDR3-1866, DDR3L-1600 and it supports up to 64 GB of RAM and the Haswell DDR3L 1333/1600 supports up to 32GB of RAM.


            The Skylake has the Intel® HD Graphics 530 and it supports the following resolutions:


            The Haswell has the Intel® HD Graphics 4600 and support the following resolutions: