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    Unsuccessfully Loading .js Sources


      Using the Edison Arduino breakout with usb sound card set up as default. Working with Timbre.js and Cylon to get a button to trigger a .wav file. I am using socket.io and  am able to connect to the socket and see that I am pushing the button.

      But am having trouble loading the .js sources. I've tried moving the files around and changing the directory paths in my index.html file.

      I am running app.js from my root, where my index.html and drumkit.wav is. My .js files are in a folder called js in my root. I am using Chrome.


      My paths are written as such:

      <script src="js/playsounds.js"></script>

      <script src="js/subcollider.js"></script>

      <script src="js/timbre.dev.js"></script>


      I go to my device page in Chrome and open the javascript console tool. It tells me that the server is saying that it's not found.



      GET 404 (Not Found)


      I've been trying things for hours, not sure what I am missing here. 

      Any ideas?


      Thank you!