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    NUC5i7RYH Iris Graphics Crashing/Freezing on some websites with Windows 10


      I am experiencing  crashes/freezes on certain websites that contain embedded video. The NUC involved is model NUC5i7RYH running windows 10 64 bit. The freeze is total when it happens. Everything just stops working. There is no blue screen just a complete freeze. I have to power down to get the NUC working again. After much investigation I discovered that the culprit is the Iris 6100 graphics driver. I am using the latest version but the problem also occurred on previous version. When I change the driver to the Microsoft basic display driver the problem disappears. However, video and text with the microsoft basic display driver does not appear to be quite as good video as with the intel driver (and Windows 10 constantly "updates" the driver to the problem intel version). Hence, this is only a temporary fix or workaround.

      I've  noted that this problem can be recreated by launching the Iris Graphics Control Center, selecting Video, then selecting Color Enhancement on the left side (the default) and  then under Preview selecting FilmModeDetection. As soon as I select FilmModeDetection the computer freezes. If I change the driver settings on this page to Full Range the FilmModeDetection option will sometimes run and some problem websites will load without crashing the computer immediately but they do eventually cause a crash so selecting the "Full Range" option does not appear to be a fix.

      It would be nice if Intel could solve this issue. I expect others must be experiencing it as well. In fact, my searches have indicated a variety of problems with intel video (not just Iris) and windows 10.

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